Counting my blessings today and grateful you came into my life. I enjoy working with you and have learned so much already, including where to buy good stuff ❤️ Jo B, June 2018
Happy Valentine's Day to the best partner in health I could ask for! I'm blessed to call you our friend... love to you and your family and your team, know your time, talents, and energy don't go unnoticed! Stacie Anderson, February 2017
Thanks so much Katie!! It was such a treat to have you present to our class. They so enjoyed you and got a lot from your expertise and will apply it to many aspects of their active lives. THANK YOU!!!! Lin Gentling August, 2016
CONGRATS!!!! I just read the newsletter .... WOW!!! HOW EXCITING! Came to my mind right away! How you have grown... the studio in Wanamingo is beautiful, adding classes and staff. I just wanted to say congrats and thank you for bringing that level and quality of services to the KW area! Anne G 12/2015
I felt SO much better thinking I might 'get better'. Thanks so much for you wisdom and knowledge. I appreciate it and you. November 2015 Mary Danielson-Gates
Thank you so much for helping me today, I needed that!!! You are very good at what you do!! Blessings to you! Elise W, June 2015
Thank you so much for everything you've done for me! I cannot begin to tell you how good I feel about myself with this workout! I want to text you every time I do it bc I love it so much! It challenges and pushes me! Thank you!!! Ashley Holmgren, June 2015
Thank you Katie, I certainly had fun and learned a lot during our sessions. I am glad I got a chance to work with you. Dena Estes, May 2015
What I'm thankful for: 1) Our little town of Kenyon HAS a 24/7 workout center 2) Both of you are so friendly and helpful 3) Both of you get back to me quickly when I have a problem/question 4) I have some great printed strength training routines from Caitlin to use when I go there 5) There's always Kleenix available, especially in the winter! Mary Dalbotten P.S. There may be more, but I can't find the original list I made. A Belated Happy Thanksgiving, and an early Merry Christmas! P.P.S.S. I will be registering for the yoga class closer to January.
Thanks for everything! I LOVE the gym set-up in Wanamingo. The facility is great, staff is great, and I've really enjoyed being a part of it! You come highly recommended in my book! Sheila Hegseth, May 2014
Caitlin/Katie -- How lucky could I be? 2 WEs in a row,...Got to line dance and use what you taught us. Sooo much fun when you know what you are doing! Last W/E we did the electric slide (2x), the cupid slide, the hustle, and one other that I don't recall the name to. What a great workout on the dance floor, and in style!Love it! Can't get any better than this! Sounds like our enthusiasm and good words/good vibes is spreading. Thanks you two for making it possible! Jennifer Ohr
Hi just wanted to write a note to tell you how much I enjoyed my experience with Caitlin and KT personal training, I would recommend it to anyone, my case I was sick and needed someone to help me get back into exercising to improve my health, its still a long process and that I deal with daily but going to Caitlin was just the motivation and support I needed. Not only am I in much better health because of it, I am now doing crossfit and never could of made it this far without her support and guidance.Connie 2/2014
Katie: Thanks for all the help this past year. I am so inspired by all 3 of you and your entrepreneurial skills!Dr. Prathibha Varkey
"Hey Katie, just want you to know I appreciate you and the availability of the Wanamingo gym! Helps with my mental stability:) Thanks for all you do for me!!!" Debbie Mason  11/7/2013
"Thanks Katie for helping get to where I am today! Could not have done it without you. On week two of working out 45+ minutes 6 times per week... " Tammy Steele
"I am VERY pleased with all the positive results that training with Caitlin has brought to other areas of my life! I can definitely see improvements in my sleeping patterns, energy levels, my mood, and just my daily productivity!! THANKS SO MUCH TO YOU and CAITLIN!!" Michelle Mathees
"I read a sign today, "Commit daily to self-improvement" ~Thanks for motivating me to do just that!! You have helped me reach goals, by providing me with the training I need, and also offering different races, and classes so that I can set new goals!" Debbie Mason
"I don't think I told you that this virtual run helped me train for the half marathon I completed a couple of weekends ago!" Lori Wiegrefe
"Thank you for all your hard work this last year and working with me to reach my goals!!!" Melissa Mergen
"Two months ago today I started working on a weight-loss journey with you. I am proud that I signed up at your gym and have had such an amazing person to teach me how to eat right and put together exercise programs that are definitely helping me out. As of today I have lost 30 lbs and am very happy with my success and will continue to eat right and exercise from this day forward. Thank you so much Katie. =)" Tammy Knutson
"Thank you for all of the great suggestions/solutions for food options when I have catered meetings or am going out to eat. I will check with the caterer to see if there are any accommodations that they would be willing to make. I really appreciate all of your input and support." Jolene S
"Thanks for such great work out plans! I enjoy your approach very much! Thanks for keeping a nice variety and different cardio and muscle toneing circuits. I find predictablitly and routine very irritating when working out. So, thanks so much for keeping it exciting and everchanging!" Dana DeWitz
"I just want to say thanks for the pt sessions, encouragement, and support you have given me over the past few months! You are so supportive and an inspiration to all! In the short time I've worked with you, I noticed a difference in my strength, stamina in running, etc. "Again, thanks for everything and, without a doubt, I will be contacting you in the future for more pt sessions!" Tammy Harnack
"I just wanted to let you know I finally got my 150 pounds (my goal) yesterday! I have to admit I am even a little more proud of myself for doing it during the holidays. I also won our weight challenge with my girlfriends, and we are headed to the Bahamas next Saturday to celebrate our new bodies! I couldn't have done it without your jump start, and I wanted to thank you again." Kelly Hodgson
"Thanks so much KT! You have no idea how important your help is to me. Your knowledge and personality make a "winning" combination. "I just wanted to let you know that I think you are awesome and that I could not have done this without you. I have tried so many times before. Thanks again so much!" Missy Tjosaas
"I value our training times very much -- I am positive that I wouldn't be as far along as I am in my physical conditioning if you weren't there to encourage me and to push me. So know that I am so very appreciative of your help this past and last winters. I never believed that I could be in as good of physical shape as I am right now!" Scott Swendsen
"My buns and inner thighs have never hurt so bad for years. WOW...had to have been all the lunges in cardio kick glass! Good workout!" Jennifer Ohr
"I just want to say thank you! I am having a great time training with you! I appreciate your help a great deal!" Nancy Boe
"Thank you for your recent donation to our Tour of Tables fundraising event. The funds raised at this event will go a long way toward helping Elder Netword assist older adults in our community" The Staff of Elder Network
"Many many thanks for the great PT sessions. I learned a lot which I intend to put to good use" Barb Feldt