Teresa’s Success Story

One of our amazing member’s, Teresa, has been making some huge improvements in her health and we want to share the story with you. Our hope is that this will motivate and inspire you!


Here is Teresa’s story:

“Working with the trainers at PT with KT has been a phenomenal experience for me! I started out on my weight loss journey (this time around!) at 287 pounds. I’d previously even had gastric bypass surgery and managed to put weight back on! This time had to be different, this time, I knew the key was in my mind-truly I needed to approach my health by adopting a new way of life and of looking at myself and what I need.

I am a pharmacist by profession, a mother (of five grown children), and a member of this humanity just like everyone else. As such, life happens as it does with all its greatness as well its challenges, surprises, and sadness. My most recent challenge presented itself as atrial fibrillation with rapid ventricular response and in March of this year, just before deciding to find a personal trainer, I endured a second cardiac ablation to help correct/control the problem. The day after that procedure, the cardiologist had come into my room and reviewed with me what they had done. The only words I really remember were “we have done as much as we can and another ablation is not in the cards. You need to count of lifestyle modification to treat this disease.”

I wish I knew what it was in those words that made me take the steps and actually take a step to this transformational change. I’d gladly share that key with each and every person who wanted it. As it is, all I can say is that for years, I’ve known I needed to make healthier choices. I’ve read, researched, and educated myself in the many different dimensions of my health–physical, financial, spiritual, emotional–and believed I was doing well.

What I did know, was that going to the gym by myself and exercising was not going to cut it for me. I’ve come to embrace that life is about relationship–with others, with ‘God’, with the earth, with the food we consume, with ourselves, and most importantly with the thoughts we choose to allow to take root in our minds and our hearts.

Funny, the gal that does my nails is the one who referred me to Katie. The world is a small place! Working with Katie has given me the ongoing inspiration to continue working out. Seeing my weight go down (last weight in I was 228!), my body fat go down, and my muscle go up… is a side effect of the change within my mind, my heart, and my soul!

I choose each day to live my values and valuing myself and all aspects of my health is top priority! Of course, life gets in the way and obstacles do appear, and always will. Guilt and self loathing are no longer part of who I am.

God bless! and may your health journey lead you to continued, deepened self-love and continual personal growth!



Since March of 2019-October of 2019, Teresa has made some HUGE changes:

-Down 48.4 lbs

-Down 11.5% body fat

-Visceral fat level went from 13 to 10

-BMI went from 39.7 to 32.8

-Muscle mass increased by 6.6%