Nutrition Consultation

Food is a huge part of our daily lives. We need it to survive, use it to show love, and sometimes it just tastes good. Many external factors can diminish our willpower and cause us to choose unhealthier options or eat more than we need. Our experts look deeper than what you're eating, and instead, look at why you are eating in order to provide you with more insight to your relationship with food and how to make it a positive one! What We Do: We work with you one-on-one to figure out what your relationship is with food and how you can use food to help you feel better. As experts we know the journey to a healthy lifestyle is tough, so we go through your goals with you, guiding you to make changes at your own pace in order to see real results that stick. A Different Option: With us you can choose from a variety of packages tailored to your needs, which allows us to be as in depth with you as you need. Choose from one hour all the way up to our 12 week program. The 12 Week Nutrition Program offers extra accountability for those just getting started. The first sessions of the 12 Week Nutrition Program is one hour and every meeting after that ranges between twenty and twenty-five minutes. Let us help you get back to your healthy and happy self with one of our nutrition options!
Nutrition Consultation-1 Hour 1 $125
Nutrition Consultation-3 Hours 3 $250
Nutrition Consultation-5 Hours 5 $375
12 Week Nutrition Program 12 $450